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Engineering Dual Degree

Engineering Dual Degree Program

Today’s successful engineers need:

  • A strong foundation in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering to build research and problem-solving skills
  • An appreciation of the human dimension of technology
  • A grasp of global issues and sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • Effective communication skills

The unique structure of the Engineering Dual Degree Program (EDDP) addresses these needs and prepares you for career paths in industrial engineering, research, and more. In EDDP, you will graduate in five years with:

  1. An ABET-approved degree in engineering from the Purdue School of Engineering at Indianapolis, Butler’s program partner
  2. A full major and degree in one or more of the natural sciences, mathematics, economics, or music (new!) from Butler University
  3. A strong liberal educational background from Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Two universities. Two degrees. One program.

We are proud to announce the new Music + Engineering Dual Degree Program (EDDP). In this five-year degree program, students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Butler University and a degree in engineering from Butler’s program partner, the Purdue School of Engineering at Indianapolis. Learn more about this program

How EDDP Works

The EDDP’s 5-year program integrates curricula from Butler and Purdue. You’ll enroll at both universities, and Butler will manage your admission applications, financial aid, and housing. Engineering courses are taught on the Butler campus during the first 3 years of the program with courses at both campuses (a 5-mile commute) during the last 2 years.  

Post-Graduate Success

Job placement of EDDP graduates is nearly 100%. Some of our students receive offers before graduation. EDDP alumni work for leading companies, including Google, Shell, Exxon-Mobil, Cummins, and Johns Hopkins. Others pursue advanced degrees in engineering, medicine, computer science, law, and more.


Butler Distinctions

Rolls Royce


Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Walt Disney, and Raytheon are just a few of top companies where EDDP student have gained invaluable "real world" experience in their required, normally paid, internship. Many complete two or three internships, in the United States and abroad.

Alyssna Setnar

Strengths of EDDP Partnership

Two neighboring universities (five miles apart) support the EDDP. With its strong foundation in liberal arts and sciences, Butler complements the programs of the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indianapolis. As an EDDP student, you can participate in faculty-mentored research on both campuses, and can access career services through both schools, as well as Purdue University at West Lafayette. See what recent grad Alyssa Setnar had to say about her experience in the program.

Brad and William

Study Abroad

Brad Magnetta ’15 and Will Grabb ’16 conducted research with top physicists in Japan, supported by the Seitz Award. Other EDDP majors have studied in Spain, France, and additional countries.