About the School Counseling Program

The College of Education’s School Counseling program is a highly focused, master’s-level educational degree that serves primarily the school districts and citizens of Indiana. It is a 60-credit-hour program operating on a three-year cycle. A new cohort of 24 students is admitted each fall. The program is offered on-campus and online.

The School Counseling program:

  • Is structured around the knowledge, dispositions and performances of school counseling professionals
  • Includes school site-based pre-practicum, practicum and internship experience
  • Is designed in collaboration with university, schools and educational agencies
  • Focuses on the P-12 developmental needs of students
  • Emphasizes valuing diversity and similarity
  • Expects technological proficiency
  • Emphasizes facilitating the post-secondary success of all students
  • Prepares counselors with general practice skills as well as specialized school counselor skills
  • Prepares counselors to serve as team members empowered to accomplish meaningful systems change
  • Shows graduate outcomesSchool Counseling Vital Statistics Fall 2023 (download PDF)Annual Report | Fall 2021 (download PDF)