School Counseling Curriculum

The School Counseling program is a 60-credit hour program operating on a three-year cycle. Learn more about the curriculum and licensure requirements below.


Note: With the exceptions of Practicum (ED 712) and Internship (ED 722), courses are offered only once a year.

Workshops & Electives

In addition to the core courses that total 51 credits, students are required to take 3-credit hours of workshops and 6-credit hours of electives. These courses appear in the table above during semesters in which faculty suggest they be taken, but students can attempt these credits in any semester they are offered with faculty permission.
Required workshops: 
  • ED 501: Assisting Grieving Children & Families (1 cr)
    • offered fall, spring, and summer
    • typically taken during year 2 or 3 to just prior to or during Practicum or Internship
    • shortly after the completion of this workshop, students must facilitate 12 groups at Brooke’s Place – every other week over the course of 6 months
    • group facilitation hours count towards Practicum or Internship requirement (whichever you are enrolled in at the time)
  • ED 502: Postsecondary Options & Opportunities (2 cr)
    • offered fall and spring


Elective Credits:

Students must choose elective credits in consultation with their advisor. Courses from the online programs in Licensed Mental Health Counseling or Applied Educational Neuroscience are recommended, but any course taught at the graduate level is likely acceptable with permission.

NOTE: 1-hour of elective credit is required for graduation & must be approved by advisor.  Can be taken at any point during program.

Applicants who receive an ‘initial’ Indiana counselor’s license must have successfully completed training in:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) that includes a test demonstration on a mannequin.
  • AED
  • Removing a foreign body causing an obstruction in an airway and Heimlich
  • Suicide awareness/prevention

A copy of your CPR/Heimlich/AED certification and a certificate verifying your successful completion of a suicide awareness/prevention module are required for original licensure.

Please be sure to visit an approved provider.

In order to obtain Butler University’s institutional recommendation for the Indiana Professional Standards Board initial practitioner license as a School Counselor, one must complete the 48-hour Master of Science in School Counseling program, as well as meet other exit requirements.

Note: Neither teaching experience nor a teaching license is a requirement for obtaining a school counselor license in the State of Indiana.

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