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Counseling and Consultation Services

About Counseling and Consultation Services

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Butler University’s Counseling and Consultation Services is committed to providing mental health services to students in order to help them achieve their academic and personal goals, promote their holistic well-being, and enhance their college experience.  CCS has four essential roles for advancing the educational mission of Butler University:

1. Providing clinical services, such as individual and group therapy, to students.
2. Delivering outreach and prevention programs to students and employees.
3. Providing consultation, crisis intervention, and collaborative services to the campus community.
4. Provide training and education to master’s and doctoral level mental health providers.


All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to use CCS.  The service provides a wide range of therapeutic interventions for Butler students.  These interventions are delivered in a brief therapy model that focuses on helping students make a desired change or reach a specific goal.

When a student’s needs require a different type of care than what we can provide, we will partner with the student to transition their care to resources in the community.  Our goal is to make the best match between the needs of students and appropriate services.  A few common examples of when a transition of care might be necessary include:

1. A need, or request, to be seen more than once a week for therapy
2. A need, or request, for uninterrupted care across semesters or academic years
3. Psychological testing for accommodations through Student Disability Services
4. Requests for letters of support for emotional support animals or housing exceptions
5. A need for a more intensive level of care or specialized care


Learn more about CCS via the links below.


Special Notice Related to Current and Ongoing Racial Injustice and Violence

CCS joins the larger Butler community to reinforce President Danko's recent remarks regarding our shared moral obligation to strive for a world in which the rights of all people are respected, and equal opportunities are afforded, regardless of race, or whatever identities and backgrounds people represent. As a mental health service, CCS is committed to affirming and providing support for all of our students who have been directly or vicariously impacted by experiences of racism, discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, stereotyping and/or violence.  We encourage you to contact our office if you (or someone you know) would like support with processing and coping with recent and/or past experiences of trauma or any other emotional health concerns. 

One useful resource on this topic is the most recent E-Newsletter prepared by the Counseling Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago Responding to Racism: Race-Related Trauma, Structural Injustice, Allyship