Withdrawal Policy


For withdrawal information, please visit Registration & Records.  Non-attendance and/or nonpayment does not constitute a withdrawal from Butler University.


Please review the Institutional Tuition Refund Schedule.

For information regarding the Summer Institutional Tuition Refund Policy (typically available mid-April), please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

Complete Withdrawals

If it becomes necessary to withdraw completely from Butler for reasons other than medical, a student should confer at once with the dean of his or her college who will initiate the complete withdrawal. The effective date of the withdrawal is the date the form is received by the Registration and Records Office. View a checklist of items that should be completed as a student prepares to leave Butler.

If a student seeks a withdrawal for medical reasons, he/she should contact the Office of the Dean of Students. As the University Health Officer designee, the Dean of Students will review the applicable documentation and offer a recommendation to the dean of the appropriate college who will initiate the complete withdrawal. Stipulations may be imposed for future re-enrollment. For additional details, please visit Registration & Records to review the Medical Withdrawal Policy.

Instructors should be informed personally of the student’s withdrawal. In the case of suspension, expulsion, or other officially directed involuntary withdrawal past the deadline for withdrawals, instructors will report W or F, reflecting the student’s standing on the date of the directed withdrawal. Upon a complete withdrawal within the first four weeks of a fall or spring semester, a partial refund of tuition will be made in accordance with the Institutional Refund Schedule noted above.

Students who choose to withdraw from Butler are asked to complete an exit interview with someone in the office of the Dean of Students (311 Atherton, 317-940-9470) or the Center for Academic Success and Exploration (Jordan Hall 109, 317-940-9308). Students may call to arrange for a short exit interview.