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Butler Beyond: Butler's Strategic Direction

graphic depicting Butler's new Beyond strategy

Strategic Priorities

Central to Butler’s strategic direction is the commitment to embracing and supporting learners of all life stages and backgrounds. We recognize different learners have different needs and, therefore, may require different models of education. Butler’s new strategic direction is based on advancing three models of education—the traditional, residential undergraduate model; a lifelong learning model; and Butler’s founding mission model. The following priorities reflect the University’s near-term efforts to advance all three models of education.


  • Increase academic options for greater access, affordability, and employability through the creation of new degree options and pathways
  • Ensure the curriculum, pedagogy, and programs offered meet the evolving needs of our learners and employers
  • Expand and enhance high impact practice opportunities that drive successful student outcomes
  • Enhance holistic student well-being and learning outside of the classroom
  • Identify and capture efficiency and cost saving opportunities throughout organization
  • Meet the Butler Beyond fundraising targets for scholarship and faculty support
  • Identify aid and enrollment strategies to balance institutional sustainability with increased access to education

Lifelong Learning

  • Grow Butler’s strategy and organizational structure for piloting and scaling solutions that meet the needs of the lifelong learner, including alternative credentials, corporate education, and adult learning opportunities

Founding Mission

  • In collaboration with the community, identify and design pilots that advance Butler’s efforts in developing new educational models that create accessible solutions for learners currently excluded from traditional private higher education

Organizational Priorities


Commit to greater talent development and workplace culture opportunities


Support the continued development of an intentionally inclusive campus community


Build research and business intelligence capabilities to support data-informed decision-making


Improve key university-wide processes


Develop campus master plan

Expand graphic

Expand local and national strategic partnerships and collaborations

Launch graphic

Launch University-wide innovation lab and organizational structure to support new ventures

Available Resources

Changes are taking shape across higher education. As campus evolves for 2020 and beyond stay updated on current trends, watch videos of strategic planning events, and read high-level summaries of Butler's next steps.