Transformation Lab

Moving ideas forward .

From concept to reality, we take ideas from across campus and help launch them into new educational models and ventures that transform the University.

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Transforming the way we innovate.

The Butler Transformation Lab is designed to serve as a University-wide catalyst for transforming higher education and advancing the University’s strategic direction.
The Transformation Lab’s focus is vetting, designing, and launching new educational and business models for the University. Additionally, the Lab helps address changes needed in the University’s foundational systems to support different and more diverse students.

The Ideas We Work On

The Transformation Lab works on large, complex innovations that involve either new educational models or business models. Additionally, the Transformation Lab leads efforts to evaluate changes in foundational systems that are often needed for new educational and business models.

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Education Models

The Lab works on new educational models and new academic programs for the University. We partner with colleges, programs, and divisions to accomplish this work. Educational models are types of “educational structures” used to deliver programs for student enrollment.

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Business Models

Business models are other value-added (revenue or mission) models outside of programs for the college. Ideal models are those that are revenue-generating and mission-aligned.

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Foundational Systems

Foundational Systems refers to initiatives that are needed to build a foundation to accelerate growth in additional educational and revenue models.