Butler Blue II

Butler Blue II

Butler Blue II (Nickname: Blue) was the second in a young lineage of English Bulldogs bred by Frank and Jeane King of Kong King Kennels in Lizton, Ind., which have served as the mascot of Butler University since 2000. Blue II was owned by Michael Kaltenmark, a 2002 Butler graduate and Director of External Relations his wife, Tiffany, and their human sons, Everett (Master Everett) and Miles (Bulldog Miles). Blue II (male) was born March 27, 2004, and his first day of service to Butler was on May 20 that same year.

Blue II made his campus debut unceremoniously as a puppy of less than 8 weeks old. He immediately captured the hearts of Butler students, faculty, staff, alumni and fans, and has since gone on to become Butler’s most decorated and beloved bulldog during his tenure.

Blue II  would go on to admirably serve Butler as the official mascot for nine years. During that time, Blue II not only became Butler’s most decorated mascot but was also considered one of the most recognizable mascots in all of sport.

During his tenure, Blue II met the likes of  Colin Powell, Peyton Manning, and Jillian Michaels, and even former President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush. He appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and of course, captured the hearts of the Nation with two consecutive NCAA men’s basketball Final Four appearances, thus earning Blue II the title of “Butler’s mascot, America’s dog.”

After nine years of service to the University, Blue retired in May of 2013 to assume the title of Mascot Emeritus. Unfortunately, however, Blue II’s retirement was short-lived as he would succumb to heart failure on August 31, 2013.

Facts and Statistics



Nickname: Blue

Breed: English bulldog – male

Birthdate: March 27, 2004

Weight: 58 lbs.

Fur Color: Fawn & White

Favorite Treats: Holistic Select snacks, ice cream, and cheese

Favorite Toys: Basketball, football, teddy bear, and any chew toys made of soft latex

Favorite Activities: Athletic and campus events, boating, Tail Wagon rides, tractor and ATV rides, kiddie pools, and sleeping in

Pet Peeves: Thunderstorms, fireworks, fax machines, and the three-hole punch

Best Tricks: High-five, pout, dead dog, roll over, and speak

Personal Motto: “The Butler Way – put team above self”

Occupation: Mascot Emeritus, Butler University

Dates of Service: May 20, 2004 – May 20, 2013

Tagline: Butler’s Mascot, America’s Dog

First Day as Mascot: May 20, 2004

Official Breeder: Kong King Kennel – Frank & Jean King, Lizton, Ind.

Official Groomer: Good Dog Hotel & Spa, Indianapolis, Indiana

Official Vet: Dr. Kurt Phillips ’92—City Way Animal Clinic, Indianapolis, Ind.

Official Clothier: Nike

Miscellaneous Support: Follett Corporation (Butler Bookstore), Indianapolis, Indiana

Transportation:  “Blue Mobile” provided by Don Hinds Ford