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About the Biology Department

A student preparing microbiological cultures Students running a booth at a science fair
Biology students working with microscopes Students listening to an instructor in a wooded area

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Departmental Awards

Butler University Biology Department Faculty Member of the Year

Voted by Students and Awarded by the Butler University Biology Club

2018: Dr. Phil Villani

2017: Dr. Mike Trombley

Outstanding Senior Award

2019: Darby DeFord, Taylor Prechtel, David Ryskamp

2018: Caitlyn Foye, Jacob Reeves

2017: Olivia Crowe, Victoria Kreyden, Tyler Schenck

2016: Amber Kline

2015: Adam Beswick, Shataakshi Dube

2014: Loor Alshawa, Bryce Fawcett, Nicole Larsen

2013: Allen Meyers, Karissa Miller

2012: Rachel Heck, Sarah Strobl, Peter Winter

2011: Collin Bowman, Christopher Jernigan, Tyler Hoskins

Endowed Scholarships

2019 Potzger Scholarship: no recipient selected
2019 Church Scholarship: Kara Stark
2019 Weiss Scholarship: Jenna Nosek

2018 Potzger Scholarship: Hannah Sonner
2018 Church Scholarship: Abby Hillan
2018 Weiss Scholarship: Jeremey Caylor

2017 Potzger Scholarship: Natalie VanOchten
2017 Church Scholarship: Caitlyn Foye
2017 Weiss Scholarship: Jacob Ryskamp

CUE Pelton Award

2019: Cindy Cifuentes

2018: Jacob Reeves

2017: Gabby Vinyard

Hendricks Fellowship

2019: Cindy Cifuentes, Evynn Davis, Jake Gerard

2018: Megan Schroeder

2017: Jacob Reeves

Emeritus Faculty Awards

2019 Dr. Thomas Dolan: Maham Nadeem
2019 Dr. Michael S. Maloney: Jeremy Caylor
2019 Dr. James Shellhaas: Hannah Sonner

2018 Dr. Thomas Dolan: Colton Junod
2018 Dr. Michael S. Maloney: David Emch
2018 Dr. James Shellhaas: Natalie Van Ochten

2017 Dr. Michael S. Maloney: Ashley Kline
2017 Dr. Richard W. Miller: Shelby Miller
2017 Dr. Stephen A. Perrill: Lauryn Campagnoli
2017 Dr. James Shellhaas: Courtney Buchholz

Excellence in the Biological Sciences

2019: Lauren Ciulla, Blakely Heaton, Spencer Lang, Becca Lewis, Abdul Saltagi

2018: Isaac Gluesenkamp, Jessica Lee, Kelsey McDougal, Shelby Swihart, Jill Yager

2017: Kurt Corsbie, Tyler Hudgens, Johanna Johnson, Cutter Koehler, Clayton Taylor