Science, Technology & Environmental Studies

Understanding science and its place in society.

Science, Technology, and Environmental Studies (STES) offers you interdisciplinary perspectives on the complex relationship between science and technology and our health, our families and communities, and the natural world.

students next to a stream looking at their findings

Gain a balanced view of science, technology, and the environment.

Our two majors require only a small number of core courses. Once those are completed, you can choose from a variety of electives to complete your degree. Or pursue a double-major, to deepen your chosen path with even more cross-disciplinary expertise. In either program major—Environmental Studies or Science, Technology, and Society—you’ll take sciences classes, doing hands-on investigation, observing nature, and applying the principles of research to determine how things work. You’ll also take humanities classes, discovering and discussing world-changing ideas, while challenging assumptions through creative and critical thinking assignments.

Our faculty span the breadth of campus

Many faculty in Butler’s professional colleges also do teaching and research in STES issues, and their professional perspective provides another valuable dimension to the understanding of science and technology. 

Speaker on campus holding a skull with a wall of skulls behind her

Speakers on Campus

Butler’s Visiting Writers Series and the J. James Woods science lecture series provide students with unparalleled opportunities to meet and interact with prominent figures in science and technology and environmental studies.

Indiana state house

Access to the Source

As the seat of state government and a growing center of science and technology-based industries, Indianapolis provides students with many opportunities for internships and other learning experiences beyond Butler’s campus.