Public Health

The Public Health major offers an exploration of the scientific, social, cultural, and human dimensions of public health, allowing you to analyze and help solve complex community, national, and global public health problems.

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Address issues across all dimensions of health.

If you’re interested in a career evaluating the nature of health and the underlying societal causes of disease at an individual, community, and global scale, Butler University’s Public Health major may be the right fit.

As a Public Health major, you will pursue learning and expand knowledge of the complex intersecting factors that shape health, developing the ability to think critically about global and public health. With an emphasis on social justice and diversity issues in health, you’ll take courses and participate in experiential learning that will expand your knowledge and understanding.

This program is designed to be flexible and will prepare you equally well for direct entry into the workforce or the pursuit of graduate or professional studies. Graduates of this program can expect to pursue careers in public health, health policy and law, epidemiology, social work, health-related government careers, and more.

Why Public Health

  • Understand Complexity—As a Public Health major, you will understand the complex factors that affect human health, including biological, environmental, cultural, socioeconomic, and systemic factors.
  • Describe Public Health—You will be able to describe the interdisciplinary and interrelated nature of public health at a local/community, national, and global scale.
  • Apply research Methods—In this major, you will learn how to apply epidemiological and public health research methods, including statistics, to assess community health needs, assets, and outcomes.
  • Analyze Factors—You will analyze factors that contribute to health disparities and inequities and know how to find solutions to address them.
  • Apply Principles—As a student, you will learn to apply the principles and methods of public health to address current and future challenges.
  • Career Preparation—The major will prepare you equally well to start your career or attend post-secondary school. Potential careers include public health policy and law, health-related government careers, epidemiology, social work, and more.

Public Health Degree FAQs