Summer Research & Internship Opportunities


  • Butler Summer Institute: Study of variable stars in globular clusters M14
  • Butler Chase Scholarship Program: Trimming Grover’s quantum search algorithm
  • Northrop Grunman: Worked on the Archinaut program that involved additive manufacturing and assembly in space on a small satellite
  • Sandia National Labs: Circuit development of a power control unit
  • Callaway Golf Company: Studied aerodynamics, product development, material analysis, and kinematics
  • Florida Power & Light: Worked with the senior reliability engineer and assist with day-to-day operations of the plant


  • REU-U of South Florida: Oncology
  • Mol-Son LLC, Mattawan, MI: Worked with 3D modeling, stress analysis, and simulation tests on computer using Creo Parametric and other computer sofware programs
  • REU-Columbia University (Nevis Laboratory): Particle-physics research using data from ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
  • Seitz Foundation, China: Non-linear optics
  • Miller Eads Co.: Worked on automating industrial processes
  • Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory/Duke University NSF-REU: Nuclear physics research
  • Seitz Foundation, Spain: Mathematical Representation of Resonances
  • Seitz Foundation, China: Eclipse and binary stars
  • Butler Summer Institute: RR Lyrae Variable Stars in the Globular Star Cluster M14
  • Butler Summer Institute: Wireless energy transfer
  • Miami University of Ohio-NSF REU: Transgenic Mouse Models for Pancreatic Cancer (classified as biophysical chemistry)
  • Butler Summer Institute: Multi-color Photometric Study of the Eclipsing Binary Star V1062 Her
  • Butler Summer Institute: Nonlinear Wave Propagation Along the Earth’s Surface from a Source Array with Varying Source Amplitudes
  • Butler Summer Institute: Understanding the Nature of RR Lyrae Stars in the Blobular Cluster NGC 6584
  • Butler Summer Institute: Producing quantum coherence between quantum dots at room temperatures


  • Seitz Foundation, China: The First Multi-color Photometric Study of the Short-Period Contact Eclipsing Binary DE Lyn
  • Seitz Foundation, Japan: Creation of entangled electron pairs along separate leads in the Anderson model
  • Butler Summer Institute: Investigating Atomic Transitions in Noble Gasses by Laser Optogalvanic Spectrosopy
  • Butler Summer Institute: Making chiroptical ionic liquids, analysis of electron behavior in a velocity select
  • Butler Summer Institute: Optogalvanic Effects
  • Butler University: Reducing recombination losses in solar cells through quantum coherence in quantum-dot arrays