Summer Research & Internship Opportunities


  • Seitz Award, University of Southampton, United Kingdom: Research the accretion process of systems such as black holes and neutron stars. by using data from space-based NASA telescopes.
  • Butler Summer Institute:
  • Butler Summer Institute:


  • Seitz Award, Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan:  Research on wave propagation in two-dimensional topological insulators from an impurity
  • Butler Summer Institute:   The destruction of stars at the center of the Milky Way galaxy
  • NSF REU Harvard University, Center for Astrophysics: Solar Physics
  • Research with Physics professor:    Collecting data and monitoring SARA telescopes in Kitt Peak, AZ and Cerro Tololo, Chile
  • Independent Study with Physics professor:  Fixing patient movement in MRIs with inverse Fourier transformations
  • Emerging Technologies at Renew, Wisconsin:  Renewable energy
  • NSF REU University of Rochester:  Researching cosmology
  • Ed Carpenter Racing, Indianapolis, IN:   internship as engineer
  • Autobridge, Inc. Wixom, MI:  internship to develop a product to take to market and organizing ISO quality management certification
  • USAA:  internship as a software engineer
  • Crane Naval Base Department of Defense:  internship with X-Force National Security Innovation Network


  • Butler Summer Institute:  Research focused on the applications of chaos theory in Earth’s atmosphere by using the Community Earth System Model (CESM) to model the possible benefits and negative effects artificially generating clouds (cloud seeding) with sea salt may have on Earth’s climate.
  • PTS Diagnostics:  CAD/3D modeling as a manufacturing design engineer
  • REU – University of Florida:  Simulations and measurements of coupled low-dimensional system in the quantum regime
  • UPMC Children’s Hospital:  Research on amount of radiation absorbed at skin level during abdominal X-ray imaging and how this value compares to the air kerma values that are used to estimate radiation exposure
  • Ed Carpenter Racing, Indianapolis, IN:   internship as engineer


  • Butler Summer Institute:  Galactic Nuclei and Binary Black Hole Formation
  • Butler Summer Institute:   Create a theoretical model for a laser using bound states in the continuum with capabilities to easily tune over a wide range of wavelengths
  • Butler Summer Institute:  Finding a relationship between properties of a magnetic impurity in a topological insulator and the local conductance
  • REU Boston University:  Using NASA’s TESS Mission to search for extremely low mass white dwarf stars


  • Butler Summer Institute: Study of variable stars in globular clusters M14
  • Butler Chase Scholarship Program: Trimming Grover’s quantum search algorithm
  • Northrop Grunman: Worked on the Archinaut program that involved additive manufacturing and assembly in space on a small satellite
  • Sandia National Labs: Circuit development of a power control unit
  • Callaway Golf Company: Studied aerodynamics, product development, material analysis, and kinematics
  • Florida Power & Light: Worked with the senior reliability engineer and assist with day-to-day operations of the plant


  • REU-U of South Florida: Oncology
  • Mol-Son LLC, Mattawan, MI: Worked with 3D modeling, stress analysis, and simulation tests on computer using Creo Parametric and other computer sofware programs
  • REU-Columbia University (Nevis Laboratory): Particle-physics research using data from ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
  • Seitz Foundation, China: Non-linear optics
  • Miller Eads Co.: Worked on automating industrial processes


  • Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory/Duke University NSF-REU: Nuclear physics research
  • Seitz Foundation, Spain: Mathematical Representation of Resonances
  • Seitz Foundation, China: Eclipse and binary stars
  • Butler Summer Institute: RR Lyrae Variable Stars in the Globular Star Cluster M14
  • Butler Summer Institute: Wireless energy transfer


  • Miami University of Ohio-NSF REU: Transgenic Mouse Models for Pancreatic Cancer (classified as biophysical chemistry)
  • Butler Summer Institute: Multi-color Photometric Study of the Eclipsing Binary Star V1062 Her
  • Butler Summer Institute: Nonlinear Wave Propagation Along the Earth’s Surface from a Source Array with Varying Source Amplitudes
  • Butler Summer Institute: Understanding the Nature of RR Lyrae Stars in the Blobular Cluster NGC 6584
  • Butler Summer Institute: Producing quantum coherence between quantum dots at room temperatures


  • Seitz Foundation, China: The First Multi-color Photometric Study of the Short-Period Contact Eclipsing Binary DE Lyn
  • Seitz Foundation, Japan: Creation of entangled electron pairs along separate leads in the Anderson model
  • Butler Summer Institute: Investigating Atomic Transitions in Noble Gasses by Laser Optogalvanic Spectrosopy
  • Butler Summer Institute: Making chiroptical ionic liquids, analysis of electron behavior in a velocity select
  • Butler Summer Institute: Optogalvanic Effects
  • Butler University: Reducing recombination losses in solar cells through quantum coherence in quantum-dot arrays