Peace Lab Graduates

Highlight on our 2020 Graduates

The Peace Lab helps prepare students for a variety of post-graduate work and study.

2019–2020 intern, Gabby Douglas

International Studies and Spanish Majors, Political Science Minor

“I recently accepted a position as a Development Associate with an international nonprofit called Building Tomorrow, which is based here in Indianapolis. Building Tomorrow is working to create a transformative and inclusive education for underserved students in Uganda. My experiences as a student intern for the Desmond Tutu Peace Lab helped prepare me for my upcoming role in so many ways. Being surrounded by fellow college students who are activists, researchers, and advocates has encouraged me to use my voice, speak up for the causes I believe in, ask questions and be open to different perspectives, take risks, and seek work in a field I am truly passionate about. I am so thankful I spent my last year at Butler as a member of the Peace Lab as it provided opportunities I could not imagine missing out on.”

2019–2020 Intern, Reilly Simmons

International Studies, Political Science, and Spanish

“I will be attending American University’s School of International Service for a Master’s in Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights. Being an intern for the Peace Lab has allowed me to take a leadership role in planning and organizing events that I feel passionately about. Blending my academics with activism has prepared me for grad school. In my Master’s program, I plan to further study and research topics that I have brought to the Peace Lab as well as partake in the social justice movements that motivated me to study them.”

Kiera Johns

Environmental Studies Major, German Minor

“I am participating in a year of AmeriCorps service in Knoxville, TN. While there, I will be working with the city in Urban Forestry. Throughout my time in the Peace Lab, I have learned different strategies of community involvement. I have been involved and watched my peers be involved in event planning, event attending, community volunteering, and sharing diverse thoughts. While devoting my time to the Knoxville community, these strategies will serve as examples of how I can best positively impact the community. I can use these strategies in my work to cultivate a safe and beautiful environment as well as educate the community on how to support the environment in a way that they can appreciate, respect and enjoy.”

Joe Killion

International Studies, Political Science

“I’m excited to be a Fulbright ETA recipient to Taiwan for the upcoming year. I’m looking forward to learning more about the Taiwanese indigenous communities and practicing my language skills while driving a scooter across the island. The Peace Lab has been tremendously helpful by giving me an outlet to practice building peace and diving into new issues surrounding both local and international communities.”