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Art + Design

The Art + Design Program offers a unique curriculum combining fine art, design and technology in every course and giving designers the aesthetic eye of the artist to ensure a computer program will never replace them. We give artists marketable skills needed to pursue exciting careers. Optimum faculty/student ratios in our courses allow us to help students meet their goals.

Faculty members are also academic advisors and work one-on-one with students to help them identify their passions, and identify a career path that will be fed by that passion. We co-design an academic path towards that career goal, which includes strategically chosen internships, and the selection of one or more minors or a second major to widen skill bases and employment options.

While some students choose to continue their education in grad school, we've embedded professional practices into every level of the program allowing students to begin a career right away. We have a placement rate of 83% among our majors within three months of graduation. 

Our program leverages everything that a liberal arts education and Butler University has to offer, including study abroad opportunities, which enhances students overall development and increases their marketability.

Our students develop an impressive set of skills for their resumes in an environment rich on and off-campus partnerships and artistic and cultural opportunities nearby.

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