Student Financial Planning Tool

Upon being admitted to the University, students can access their Student Financial Planning tool via under Academic Tools. Your Student Financial Planning portal will house all information related to financial aid, including how to become eligible for financial aid, your personalized financial aid offer, and all tasks needed for your financial aid to disburse to your student account.

Be sure to check your Student Financial Planning tool regularly as new steps and information become available and to ensure that pending tasks are successfully completed.

  1. Log into to  (SFP does not work with Internet Explorer)
  2. Select Student Financial Planning under Academic Tools.
  3. Carefully review all Pending items in red on the HOME page.
  4. Review any red numbered notification badges in the navigation header.

Students may also grant a parent access to their Student Financial Planning tool.

Students who are required to complete the Verification Worksheet Dependent via Student Financial Planning will need to set up access for the parent to successfully sign the worksheet electronically.

  1. Log in to Student Financial Planning at under Academic Tools.
  2. Click on the small triangle to the far right top right in the header.
  3. Select Profile.
  4. Under Manage Proxy Access, click on the person + image.
  5. Enter your parent’s email. Please note: it is case sensitive, so we recommend using all lower case letters.
  6. Select which Guest Role you want to assign. If you are selected for verification, you must click the top Parent on FAFSA (verification) role.
  7. Click on the save icon to the right.

For dependent students, the parent on the FAFSA must electronically sign the verification worksheet. Prior to signing the worksheet, the student must complete the Granting Parent Access process. Once that process is complete, the parent is able to log into the portal and sign the verification worksheet. To do so, follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Navigate to
  2. The screen will say Welcome to the Student Portal Login
  3. The Username will be the parent email used from the Granting Parent Access process
  4. The Password will be the student’s Butler ID number (the first 9 digits). Once logged in, the parent will be prompted to create a new password. This new password will be the one they use for future use.
  5. Review the verification document and electronically sign it with the parent’s last name, student ID, and the last four digits of the parent’s Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth.
  6. Click I Accept.
  7. Select Sign and Finish. 
  1. Log in to Student Financial Planning at under Academic Tools.
  2. Click on the DOCUMENTS link in the header.
  3. Select the upload icon to the right of each listed item.
  4. Click Choose a File at the top right and select your document.
  5. Review and complete all fillable fields associated with the document.
  6. Click on the icon located under the Upload header at the top to submit the document.

For specific instructions to complete the verification process, including uploading the verification worksheet and tax documents, navigate here and click on Verification.

Step 1: Review/Accept Your Financial Aid Awards

Carefully review your offer of financial aid and accept or decline the awards online at using your username and password provided by the Office of Admission to log in.

  • Navigate to and click Student Financial Planning under Academic Tools.
  • Select Home in the navigation bar at the top.
  • Click on Review/Accept Awards.
  • Follow all steps to review and accept or decline your financial aid awards.

Review/Accept Your Financial Aid Awards by July 1.

Step 2: Act on Your Federal Direct Loans

Federal Direct Loan information is available here.

If you accepted Federal Direct Loan(s), navigate to your Student Financial Planning home page.

  • Under Receive Your Funds, click on both Complete Subsidized/Unsubsidized Entrance Counseling and Sign your Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized MPN.
  • You will be directed to complete both at You will log in using your FSA ID from the FAFSA.

Act on your Federal Direct Loans by July 1.

  1. Log into Student Financial Planning at under Academic Tools.
  2. Click on the DOCUMENTS  link in the header.
  3. Select Upload a non requested document.
  4. Select Outside Scholarship Information as the document type from the drop down menu.
  5. Complete the following data fields:
    • ​ Owner field: Select Student from the drop down menu.
    •  Award Year field: Select appropriate year from the drop down menu.
  6. Click Choose a file link and select your document.*
  7. Complete all Document Data fields in the Enter Document Data section to the left of the document (you will need to scroll down).
  8. Click on the Upload icon at the top of the page.

Please note: You will need to have a copy of the document saved as an image file (PDF, JPEG, GIF or PNG).

* If you do not have a document for the award you are reporting you may download a document by clicking download this file or the DOWNLOAD icon under Outside Scholarship section. Just save the document to your device and return to step 6 to upload the document.