Holcomb Awards Committee

The HAC promotes faculty research in all disciplines within the natural sciences (“hard” sciences) and quantitative social sciences and encourages faculty members to engage students in the research process. The committee supports a broad range of scholarly activities, from discovery to interpretation. Such activities may promote research, scholarship, creativity, or innovation; promote the discovery, integration, or application of knowledge; develop community partnerships or have a significant professional or community service component; or promote effective teaching or innovative curricular development. They also may be of an interdisciplinary nature or involve multiple faculty; have a significant impact on the professional development of the faculty members involved, particularly junior faculty; involve students in research; and have as their major purpose the development of subsequent proposals for external funding.

The primary purpose of HAC research support is to aid in building the faculty’s capacity for research, instruction, and service through the enlargement of the university’s resource base.

Faculty may apply for a HAC and a BAC research grant at the same time for two separate research projects. However, the total amount requested for both projects combined cannot exceed the maximum limit of $15,000. In addition, personnel allocations cannot exceed $4,000 for faculty stipends and $4,000 for other personnel/student researchers.

Faculty may apply for Faculty Research and Instructional Development grants within the same academic/fiscal year. Faculty are eligible to apply for Travel to Present funding regardless of whether they have submitted for other internal funding mechanisms through BAC and HAC.

Publication reimbursements were previously offered by the HAC internal grants mechanism; unfortunately, funding for this purpose is not currently available due to budget constraints. This need has been expressed by faculty university-wide. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will work to identify any possible external funding and work with the HAC committee and university leadership to address this concern as well.

In extreme or unusual circumstances, an extension or deferral of the grant period may be possible. Deferral requests will be considered by the HAC chair, the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs, and the Finance Office, who may choose to further consult with the committee before a decision is finalized.