Internal Grants

Internal grants are administered by faculty-led committees. The Butler Awards Committee supports activities related to the arts, humanities, and qualitative social sciences, and the Holcomb Awards Committee supports activities related to the natural sciences and quantitative social sciences.

All full-time faculty are eligible to apply for one of the following grant opportunities. To apply for a research grant, you must be a full-time faculty member with a required research component as part of your appointment.

The most common internal grants are:

  • Mini-Grant—Support projects with special needs that are not part of a larger project or supported by other funding sources.
  • Short Course/Workshop Attendance—Supports faculty members’ scholarly or artistic activities in pursuing advanced coursework, retraining to develop a new specialty, learning a new research skill, or developing new pedagogical skills.
  • Travel to Present—Provides supplemental support toward travel costs to a national or international conference to present the results of a research or scholarly project.
  • Instructional Development—Supports the development of new courses or the revision of existing courses.
  • Faculty Research—Supports original, creative, and scholarly faculty projects for qualitative or quantitative research.

Other Institutional Support Options

Butler University works diligently to foster an institutional culture that supports research and creative activity and faculty-student collaborations. The Matching Fund provides financial support where cash match or cost sharing is required or needed to strengthen grant proposals. The Equipment Fund provides a university-wide support system to help offset costs incurred by colleges/schools for necessary equipment related to teaching.