Honors Tutorial

A Guide for Students on How to Set Up an Honors Tutorial (HN 351 or 352)

Honors Tutorials offer you the opportunity to engage in an independent study on a topic or further explore a topic that you previously studied in an Honors seminar or colloquium. It is strongly preferred that you fulfill your HN requirements through our variety of 200 and 300 level courses; however, in the event that you have an unusual situation or a special topic that you feels merits our consideration, you may submit a tutorial request. To set up a tutorial:

  • Consult with the instructor of the original HN class and see if he or she would be willing to guide you through the tutorial.
  • You and your instructor should then design a tutorial project and determine the number of credit hours you’d like to take.
  • Develop a tutorial request which includes:
    • 100-word description of your project
    • Number of credit hours you’d like to carry (HN351 carries 1 credit hour; HN352 carries 2 credit hours),
    • A list of readings
    • A list of assignments/papers etc.
    • The request has to be signed by you and the instructor
    • A letter from the instructor explaining her/his willingness to take on this independent study and how it fits within the goals and objectives of the University Honors curriculum.
  • Submit your tutorial request to the Honors Program office (JH 144). Requests are considered by the Honors Director and Assistant Director, and in some cases the University Honors Board. If your request is approved, we will issue you an add form, which needs to be signed by the instructor, your academic advisor, and Dr. Natalie Carter, before it can be turned in to Registration and Records.