Teacher-Led, Teacher Education Program

According to a 2016 report from the Indiana Commission of Higher Education, 8.5 percent of Indiana educators leave the field for reasons other than retirement (third highest in the nation). The high attrition of educators, coupled with an insufficient pipeline of teacher candidates from bachelor’s degree programs, has led to drastic increases in alternative teaching credentials and emergency permits.

In the 2020–2021 school year in Indiana, there were 4,474 emergency permits, 419 transition to teaching permits, 11,731 substitute teacher permits, and 1,251 adjunct teacher licenses. The Teacher-Led, Teacher Ed program, offered by Butler University’s College of Education and Executive Education, is designed to support new teachers, alternatively credentialed, emergency-permitted, or long-term substitute teachers with the training they need to succeed in the classroom.

The program is available to schools and school districts for a subscription-based model with plans as low as $9,900. Contact Liz Jackson for details.

The program is also available to individuals for a fee of $500 per module.  Visit our catalogue to register for one or more modules.

Foundations Module

Students in our program will start with the self-paced Foundations Module where they will learn the basics of classroom management, lesson planning, and how to teach their content in a more effective manner. This 6- to 8-hour training provides real, relevant, bite-sized, and actionable vocabulary and information for immediate implementation.

  • Discovering how e-learning and technology can enrich both the physical and virtual classroom
  • Exploring developmental attributes and needs of learners ages 11–18
  • Developing plan activities, lessons, and or units
  • Understanding different types and purpose of assessments
Discipline-Specific Modules

The discipline specific modules support in-service, veteran teachers, teachers stretching across multiple disciplines, and those with few other faculty in their districts.  The modules supply real, relevant, and bite-sized support for immediate implementation.  Discipline specific modules include: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, English, English as a New Language, and World Languages.

  • Developing content-specific lesson plans justified with developmentally and culturally responsive supports
  • Understanding different types and purpose of assessments used in the discipline-specific classroom
  • Delivering specific feedback to students which addresses both strengths AND needs
  • Building reflective and collaborative discipline-specific content knowledge
“The Butler program gave me so many resources to further my students’ literacy in ways that I just didn’t consider before.”
students laughing while looking at computers