Programs for Individuals

Many certificate programs simply supply information. Butler Professional Education certificate programs mirror the University’s belief in experiential education. On this basis, our certificates provide a toolkit to actually apply concepts and walk students through live projects. They are also:

  1. Nationally recognized, locally embedded. Butler’s Professional Education certificates serve as continuing education and independent career advancement for aspiring leaders.
  2. Our faculty have practical experience and research-backed expertise in their fields. They understand the challenges and opportunities employees and leaders face.
  3. Butler certificates take students from concept to practical work-life application.
  4. Our interdisciplinary approach introduces employees to multiple perspectives and feeds innovation.

“Butler was a perfect solution to the challenges of my daily life. Courses provide the perfect amount of exposure in a wide variety of business basics for those that don’t have the time or inclination to ‘master’ all business concepts.”

—Aletha Dunston, AICP

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