Online Course Implementation Rubric

Butler’s Online Course Implementation Rubric is a customized synthesis of several researched-based rubrics designed to meet the specific needs of the Butler community while maintaining federal regulations, accreditation requirements, and best practices. The Rubric is designed to represent the hallmarks of and guide online course delivery, but it can be applied across modalities. 

For a quick overview of the 6 quality standards, please refer to the snapshot version of the Rubric.  For more information on each standard, helpful resources, relevant templates, related research, and the rating system, refer to the comprehensive version of this Rubric. 

For a more extensive review of online course content, this Implementation Rubric should be used in conjunction with Butler’s Course Design Rubric.

For more information on applying this Rubric to course delivery or using it to review the quality of a Butler course, please contact Butler’s Digital Learning Team.


This work is created by Lisa Hughes at Butler University and is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.