We encourage all faculty, not just those with students needing accommodations, to design their courses and content to be accessible. Use Universal Design for Learning principles to design content in an accessible way for all learners. To take a first step to learn more about accessibility, complete the Keeping Accessibility Front of Mind training module.

The Law

According to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, any electronic information or technology developed, purchased, maintained, or used by Butler University must provide equitable access and use for individuals with disabilities. The access and use must be comparable to that provided to individuals without disabilities.

Universal Design

Universal Design, or Inclusive Design, is the design and creation of environments both physical and digital that can be accessed, understood, and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, physical stature, preferences, disability, or ability. It should be a fundamental goal to design environments that meet the needs of all people. Incorporating the needs of all people results in spaces, products, and service that are useful, beneficial and enjoyable for all. Developing your electronic materials using Universal Design principles is easy and simply, good design. To learn how to implement Universal Design in your course, email

Syllabus Requirement

The Butler University accommodation statement must be included on all your course syllabi. You can find the statement on the SDS website.

Resources for Faculty

Academic Partnerships has a variety of resources and services to help you create accessible materials. Make a one-on-one consultation appointment, attend one of our accessibility workshops, or explore the resources below.