Learn About Our Partners


CAT works closely with Butler Libraries and, notably, the CAT offices are located on the 3rd floor of Irwin library in the northwest quad. The co-location of our two areas allows us to co-manage the Information Commons program and partner to provide joint programming on topics such as digital literacy, copyright, and incorporating digital media in courses. Visit the Library website for more information.

Information Technology (IT)

CAT is proud to work closely with IT on several fronts. For one, CAT shares support and leadership for Canvas with IT, and the departments also work closely to support the use of classroom technology and video systems. This close collaboration can, occasionally, lead to confusion among our clients. Both IT and CAT are often asked, “What does CAT do, what does IT do, and how do I know which one to contact for my technical issue?” Here is the answer in a nutshell: while IT ensures that faculty are well-equipped and that software and technology tools are working as intended,  CAT helps faculty make the most of using technology in support of learning outcomes.

Practically, what does this look like? If a faculty member’s computer isn’t working properly, they should reach out to IT by contacting the IT Help Desk. Conversely, if a faculty member needs help learning how to optimize the Canvas gradebook for their course grading, they should contact CAT.

IT does an incredible job making sure that faculty have the technology they need to teach well, that it is in good working order and that any technical problems are solved quickly. CAT assists faculty in employing technology to support instructional goals. This being said, situations may arise where it’s unclear who to contact. Rest assured, regardless of whom is initially contacted, they’ll make sure the client’s needs are met even if it means pulling in the other unit to do so.

CAT or IT?

Use this guide to help you determine which office is best given your circumstance.

I need to schedule Panopto recordingsIT
I’d like help setting up my course site in CanvasCAT
I’m having trouble with the technology in my classroom (and I’m in class now or will be soon).IT (urgent request button on phone in classroom)
I’d like to meet with someone to see how I might incorporate video in one of my lecturesCAT
I need help figuring out how to use Canvas in better waysCAT
I’d like ideas on how I might use technology to engage learners in my courseCAT
I’ve lost the ability to login to my computerIT

Faculty Development Partner

CAT periodically partners with the Butler Faculty Development office. This collaboration often takes the form of co-sponsoring Lunch and Learn events, providing faculty reviewers for CAT Academic Technology and Innovation grants, and working together to develop, promote and administer the Pivot Pedagogy Certificate program. The Faculty Development Office is directed by Psychology Professor Mandy Hall. From the Faculty Development website, “The faculty development program supports faculty in achieving their own potential as teachers, scholars, researchers, and creative artists, and supports a faculty member’s development as a thoughtful participant in the Butler community.”

Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS) works with students with documented disabilities to facilitate reasonable accommodations. Students who require accommodations must first register for services by submitting appropriate documentation to SDS; SDS will then contact the student for an individualized discussion. As part of the process, SDS works with faculty regarding technological access to coursework and when appropriate, SDS will contact CAT.  CAT will then work with faculty to make sure course materials are accessible; this may include captioning of video content. Contact SDS for a confidential and individualized discussion regarding your specific situation.

Indy Blue Video

Even though faculty can produce good quality video projects with assistance from CAT and Information Commons students, sometimes they require higher-end video for projects and prefer for someone else to handle production and editing duties. One great resource on campus is Indy Blue Video (IBV). IBV consists of a team of talented students managed by the College of Communication (CCOM). This group has high-end equipment such as professional-level digital cameras and multi-point lighting and robust editing capability. IBV can fully produce faculty projects at affordable rates. Contact Erin Earnest, Director, for more information.