CAT Student Advisory Council

While it is the role of the instructors to ultimately drive what technology is used for teaching and learning in their classrooms, it is obvious that the biggest users of the academic technology systems are the students. The Center for Academic Technology Student Advisory Council (SAC) will serve as a source for student feedback to help weigh in on the current operations of Butler’s academic technology and to help drive a more positive student experience.   

Role of Advisory Members

  • Represent the students of Butler and of the various areas they represent
  • Occasionally solicit additional feedback from their peers
  • Participate in two synchronous meetings
  • Engage in online discussions and voting as needed throughout the semester

2021–2022 Advisory Members

  • Elijah Heslop, Combined Philosophy and Psychology, Computer Science ’24
  • McKena Moore, Management Information Systems23
  • Jake Overman, Economics ’23
  • Hyewon Park, Pharmacy ’26