LC100— Strategies for Success

LC100 is a pass/fail, 1-credit hour course that is open to all Butler students. The course is designed to offer strategies and techniques that will enhance and promote academic success at the college level. It centers on proven practices for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success through in-class activities, peer support, readings, formalized assessment, and journal assignments.

By enrolling in Strategies for Success, you will learn how to:

  • Achieve greater academic success through proven study strategies
    (including essential skills such as reading, note taking, organizing, test taking, and writing).
  • Take charge of your time and your life.
  • Develop a study plan.
  • Increase self-motivation and goal setting.
  • Improve personal self-management.
  • Enhance interpersonal and supportive relationships.
  • Heighten self-awareness.
  • Maximize learning.
  • Develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.