Grading System

Butler University is on a 4.00 grading system. When a student completes a course, one of the following grades with corresponding grade points will be assigned:

A4.00 grade pointsC2.00 grade points
A-3.67 grade pointsC-1.67 grade points
B+3.33 grade pointsD+1.33 grade points
B3.00  grade pointsD1.00  grade points
B-2.67 grade pointsD-0.67 grade points
C+2.33 grade pointsF0.00 grade points

*P/F:  For courses taken under the pass/fail option, semester hours are counted as hours passed but not for computing grade point average. Courses taken for pass/fail do not count in the grade point average if passed; if failed, they are counted as F – 0.00 grade points.

Computing Grade Point Average

Grade point average (GPA) is figured by dividing the total number of hours attempted per semester into the total number of grade points earned that semester. For cumulative GPA, total all of the grade points received for all semesters and divide that sum by the total number of all academic hours taken.

For ease of calculation, use the customized GPA Calculator to determine your current or anticipated GPA. Please Note:  These calculations should not be considered your official GPA at Butler University or any other institution.