CUES Faculty Affiliate Program

The Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES) aims to establish collaborative interdisciplinary programs committed to excellence in urban ecology research and learning by engaging with faculty within and outside of Butler from all disciplines. By reaching beyond the natural sciences to create synergies with other disciplines such as the social sciences, education the arts, and business, the CUES strives to create a comprehensive lens with which to study the city as an ecosystem in order to solve key problems and inform the development of sustainable cities. Likewise, the CUES welcomes faculty collaborations that inspire and support Butler students and the Indianapolis community in creating a more just and sustainable campus and city.

The CUES Faculty Affiliates are an interdisciplinary group of scholars who are participating in urban ecology and sustainability research, teaching, and/or community engagement. Affiliate membership is open to all faculty and staff whose teaching, research, and/or service activities involve topics related to environmental sustainability and resilience, social justice, or urban ecology. CUES Faculty Affiliates offer a range of research and teaching expertise and provide input that helps shape the future direction of the CUES to increase the collective impact of the CUES, the University, alumni, and community partners on global sustainability and justice.

The goal of the Faculty Affiliate program is to expand our reach and pool of expertise by providing personalized research and teaching support, networking and collaboration opportunities, and strong community partnerships to our membership.

Participating Faculty Affiliates benefit in a number of ways from their membership in the greater CUES community. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Membership in a supportive, scholarly environment to share experiences, develop or enhance teaching curricula and practices, and collaborate on research, teaching, and community engagement.
  • Connections with cross-disciplinary colleagues who are likewise focused on investigating key questions relating to urban ecology, sustainability, and social justice.
  • Workshops, coffee hours, book clubs, and other activities that foster cross disciplinary connections, community engagement opportunities, and improve research success.
  • Amplification of research and teaching on the CUES website, social media, and in the larger campus and Indianapolis communities.
  • Access to information and consultation about funding opportunities and grant proposal preparation.
  • Assistance with data collection and project management for affiliated research projects.
  • Development of relationships with community partners.
  • Recruitment, co-mentorship, and engagement of student interns.
  • Access to expertise to assist in curricular development and assessment.
  • Letters of support, upon request, from the CUES Director documenting affiliate faculty member’s activities.
  • Annual CUES faculty teaching, research/scholarship, and service awards.

Participating Faculty Affiliates are asked to commit to the following contributions to the CUES and other Faculty Affiliates:

  • Attend 1-2 CUES-sponsored activities a year, including speaker series, conferences, workshops, or coffee hours.
  • Write a newsletter article for the CUES about your affiliate activities and/or a topic of your choosing at least once per 3-year term.
  • Provide information about publications, awards, and fellowships once a year for the annual report (will be solicited annually).
  • Serve as a knowledge resource for CUES student interns.
  • Acknowledge CUES in conference papers, presentations, and published work that was co-developed or supported by CUES staff and students.
  • Promote CUES on social media, on campus, and in the Indianapolis community.
  • Consider serving on committees related to CUES teaching and research goals.
  • Guest lecture by request for CUES courses.

Faculty and teaching staff interested in becoming affiliates should send the following information to Julia Angstmann at Applications are accepted any time.

  • A cover letter expressing interest in becoming a CUES Affiliated Faculty including a description of current or planned research, teaching, and/or service related to sustainability, urban ecology, or social justice and a plan for sustained participation in the CUES Affiliated Faculty Program (see the list of commitments above). The description of your urban ecology/sustainability-related scholarship will be used on the webpage.
  • A current CV.

The Director will review the materials sent by the prospective affiliate and distribute the materials to the Internal Advisory Committee for review. Faculty Affiliates are appointed for three-year terms and membership may be renewed by the Advisory Committee.