Physical Access on Campus

Butler University is committed to ensuring and continuously improving physical access on campus to ensure equal access under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The following resources provide useful information for students and the Butler community to familiarize themselves with building accessibility features on campus as well as physical access-related policies and procedures for students with disabilities.

For information on accessible parking on campus, please see the Butler University parking map.

Snow removal policy and procedures are designed to help ensure access for students who are registered through Student Disability Services (SDS) and whose disabilities impact their ability to traverse campus during seasons of inclement weather. For more information about how to register for services through SDS, please refer to or visit Jordan Hall 136.

Student Disability Services (SDS) relies on the collaborative efforts of University Operations (Operations) personnel to facilitate the snow removal process. Operations will prioritize clearing a sidewalk route on main campus in efforts to facilitate physical accessibility of campus. Please refer to the Campus Snow Removal Map for the specific location of this priority route. Although using this priority snow route can be very helpful to students with disabilities, during periods of heavy/continuous snowfall or very icy conditions, students with mobility or visual impairments should anticipate they may experience difficulties when traveling across campus. During severe weather, students with disabilities are encouraged to remain aware of weather conditions and to plan their campus travel routes accordingly.

The following procedures identify the responsibilities of SDS, students with relevant disabilities, and University Operations Personnel.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students should refer to the campus snow removal map that has been prepared by Operations and provided by SDS in order to identify priority snow removal routes. If a student needs a new copy of the snow removal map, they can email to request one.
  • Students are encouraged to plan paths of travel which make use of the routes identified on the priority snow removal map. This may require that students use routes they might not generally use when snow has not created a barrier to access.
  • Students should call Operations at (317) 940-9393 to report barriers which result from snowfall. The Operations number will be answered between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and provides immediate contact with Butler University’s Operations Department. For access issues that occur after hours, students should contact Butler University Police Department at (317) 940- 9396 (select option #1).
  • If a snow barrier has not been removed in a timely manner during weekday business hours, please contact SDS at or (317) 940-9308. Outside of business hours and on weekends, please contact BUPD for assistance with transportation as noted above.
  • Dawg Ride: For classes that are scheduled in the evening hours or in locations that would represent a long distance to traverse, students are encouraged to request transportation via Dawg Ride during times of inclement winter weather. The Dawg Ride van is accessible. Students can initiate a ride request via the TapRide app. Find more information on using Dawg Ride and the Tap Ride app here. During times that Dawg Ride is not in service BUPD may be able to offer transportation alternatives. Contact BUPD at (317) 940-9396.
  • Food Delivery: During periods of active, heavy/continuous snowfall or very icy conditions, students with mobility or visual impairments who are unable to travel to the dining hall may give their Butler ID to a trusted friend to swipe and bring a meal back for them. Alternatively, eligible students may complete an online form requesting meal delivery. Winter weather meal delivery will only be available during active snowfall or when walkways have not yet been cleared after a storm. Students should plan ahead when ordering; depending on staffing and other variables, timing can vary from order submittal to delivery but will not exceed two hours. Eligible students will receive the link for the dining request form each academic year with the distribution of this policy; this link may not be shared with other students. Misuse of the delivery form may result in the termination of food delivery options.

SDS Responsibilities

  • SDS will work with the Operations department to develop and disseminate campus maps that identify the priority snow removal routes.
  • SDS will send students a copy of this policy and the priority snow removal map via email in early November each academic year.
  • With student permission, each semester SDS will make Operations aware of residence hall building locations for those students whose disabilities impact their ability to traverse campus during seasons of inclement weather.
  • With student permission, SDS will alert Operations each semester of any non-typical class times or locations for those students whose disabilities may impact their ability to get to or from those locations during inclement winter weather so as to prioritize snow clearing.
  • The Director of SDS will contact and work with Operations personnel in response to reports of snow-related barriers which are not removed in a timely manner.

Operations Responsibility

  • Operations will develop and maintain a campus map which identifies priority snow removal routes.
  • Operations personnel will clear snow from priority routes before dispatching equipment and crews to non-priority routes.
  • Operations personnel will clear paths of travel from building to building, automatic door opener to automatic door opener, and will be cognizant of additional access barriers (stairs, etc.) in selecting routes to be cleared.

Student Disability Services and University Operations work in collaboration to proactively plan for accessibility in new campus projects and construction as well as to address physical accessibility concerns that arise regarding existing facilities. To report a physical accessibility barrier that may restrict access to Butler programs, services, activities, or facilities, complete our Barrier Report Form or email concerns to