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The Office of Student Disability Services works closely with faculty members, and all other partners across campus, to help ensure equitable access for all people with disabilities. SDS provides information, individualized support, assistance, and consultation to all members of the Butler community as they teach, work with, and advise Butler students with disabilities. Additionally, in an effort to create and promote a campus environment that embraces diversity in all its many forms, including disability, SDS provides disability based programming to the campus community as well as to individual departments upon request.

Faculty members should be aware that if there is a student with a disability enrolled in their course, they will typically receive an accommodation letter from SDS that outlines the student’s approved accommodations. Students should be supported in receiving the accommodations noted on their letter unless the faculty member feels they represent a fundamental alteration to the course. In that case, faculty members are required to contact SDS for discussion while also continuing with the accommodations until a resolution is reached. Diagnostic information is generally not included in the letter and not all SDS registered students have an accommodation letter.

In some situations, accommodations may require several months of advance planning such as preparing textual materials for a student with a significant vision impairment. In these cases, SDS will reach out to faculty members as soon as possible to discuss the course, its objectives, and the textual and learning tools being used in the course so that accessibility issues can be assessed and addressed.

Faculty members are strongly encouraged to contact SDS with any questions or concerns. SDS welcomes all opportunities for collaboration.

For more information on providing accommodations specifically exams, see Accommodation Procedures for Faculty.

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