Butler Theatre students develop their individual voice - in theatre and in life:

  • We combine the best qualities of a BFA program with the flexibility of a BA. Butler offers high-quality instruction from professors like those you'd find in a conservatory.
  • We educate the whole person. Our students are encouraged to take a secondary major or minor because we want them to do more than just rehearse for four years. We want our students to learn about life.
  • We offer international flavor. Our Christel DeHaan Visiting International Theatre Artist program brings in experts from around the world to work with students, and we visit them in their home countries. Check out Butler Theatre's next short-term faculty led trip abroad - our popular study trip to the Moscow Art Theatre School runs every other summer.
  • We encourage risk-taking. At our theatre school, we push the boundaries of theatre in productions. We view our black box theatre as a laboratory where we don't duplicate the past, but create the theatre of the future.
  • We're part of the professional community. Butler Theatre students work with the Indiana Repertory Theatre, the Phoenix Theatre, and the Heartland Actors' Repertory Theatre - the best Equity companies in Indianapolis.
  • We help students chart their own path. All students takes a core group of theatre courses to learn everything about theatre - directing, acting, design, movement, voice, history. Then they specialize. This helps them diversify their skills and prepares them for the real world of theatre - and to make a living.
  • We believe a degree in Theatre is practical. Theatre is about taking time, money, space, people, and ideas and making something out of them. In addition to serving you well as a theatre artist, what job doesn't need that skillset? Others agree. Check out this article from Backstage.com about the importance of a Theatre degree. Also, this Yahoo Education article lists theatre as one of the Top 10 Majors for employment.

All the world is, indeed, a stage. Butler Theatre helps students find the perfect role.


The Department of Theatre is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

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The Butler Theatre department incorporates music and dance into many of our productions. Check out musical theatre Butler style.

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