Majoring in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies prepares students for professions in public administration, health and human services, the arts, law, medicine, social work, journalism and non-governmental social justice organizations, as well as graduate work in a number of programs.

Butler University began offering a major in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies in fall 2010, with courses that include Philosophy of Feminism, Feminist & Queer Theory and Resistance for Social Change in the U.S.

"With this major, Butler University lives up to its groundbreaking abolitionist and coeducational beginnings," said Ann Savage, professor and inaugural director of the Gender Studies program.

"Although the major is Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, the program takes an intersectional approach, is broadly conceived and, of course, includes the critical inquiry of race and class as well," Savage said. "All of our identities hold all of these positions: gender, race, class and sexuality. None of us are more of one than the other, but rather we have integrated identities and the new major is inclusive and representative of this perspective. More and more employers seek graduates who are well prepared to work in a diverse and multicultural world."

The University has offered a Gender Studies minor for 15 years, and participation in that area of study has grown from three students attaining a minor in 2003 to nearly 40 in 2008. Gender Studies hosts a speakers' series that brings in experts from New York, Minnesota and California universities.

Professors of Art, Anthropology, Communications, English, Journalism, History, Media Arts, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Spanish, as well as faculty associated with the programs of African and Diaspora Studies, International Studies, Peace Studies and the Collaborative for Critical Inquiry Into Race, Gender and Sexuality teach classes in the major.

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Why Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at Butler?


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