Alumni & Parent Programs

Get Involved - Volunteer Opportunities

Butler University Athletics

  • Volunteer At Athletic Events 

Clowes Memorial Hall

  • Volunteer Ushers 

College of Business

  • Internship opportunities for the Career Development Office
  • Speaker participation in Career Development panels
  • Assisting with mock interviews
  • Student career interviews
  • Networking Events
  • Recruiting letters to prospective undergraduate students
  • Student interviews during Butler Business Scholars programs
  • Corporate partners for Freshman Business Experience sections
  • Participation in Top Dawg competition for Freshman Business Experience
  • Participation on Funding Panels for Real Business Experience teams
  • Mentors for Real Business Experience teams
  • MBA Involvement and Partnerships
  • Partner companies for MBA classes
  • Hosting of MBA recruiting tables
  • Speakers for the MBA Speaker Series
  • Recruiting letters to prospective MBA students
  • Partner for the MBA Gateway Experience
  • Partner for the MBA Capstone Experience
  • Mentors for MBA Board Fellows Program
  • Coaches for MBA Leadership Development Program

Butler Business Accelerator

  • First Sales Meeting with prospective BBA clients
  • Marketing opportunities for BBA Alliance Partners

College of Communication

  • Help coordinate events for or speak to communication and media related student groups.
  • Serve on the Board of Visitors.
  • Supervise a student for an internship or be an intern host.
  • Provide students with job shadowing opportunities.
  • Participate in mock interviews.
  • Partner companies with courses.
  • Mentor a student.
  • Teach a workshop.
  • Volunteer for the Butler University Speech and Debate Team.

College of Education

  • Join the COE Listserv or connect to the COE Facebook page
  • Serve as a Cooperating Teacher
  • Mentor a Freshman
  • Teach a Workshop
  • Honor an Educator
  • Maintain Professional Memberships
  • Speak to a Cadet Teaching Class in Your Area
  • Interview Scholars in Education
  • Internship Supervision
  • PEM Club

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department of Biological Sciences

  • Internship opportunities for Biology Majors
  • Participation in departmental seminar series
  • Participation in activities sponsored by the Center for Urban Ecology at Butler (CUEB)

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

  • First Monday Lunches
  • Guest Lecture
  • Shadow/Tours
  • Mentoring

Department of English

  • Tutoring
  • Writers' Series

Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

  • Mentoring Actuarial Science or Math Majors
  • Guest Speakers
  • Internship Opportunities

Department of Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures

  • Tutoring in Modern Language Center
  • Alumni panelist
  • Mentors for Spanish, French, German, Chinese Students
  • Speaker Participation
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Recruiting Letters to Prospective Undergraduate Students 

Department of Psychology

  • Guest speaker
  • Alumni panelist

Department of Sociology

  • Mentors for SSA/Alpha Kappa Delta and Sociology Majors
  • Speaker Participation
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Recruiting Letters to Prospective Undergraduate Students

Internship and Career Services

  • Internship Opportunities
  • Workshop Presentations
  • Student Mentoring

Office of Admissions

  • Talk with students about Butler, letting them know it's a great school to consider.
  • Providing contact information about students who might be interested.
  • Sending recommendations for students who are applying for admission.
  • Calling, writing, or e-mailing prospective (and admitted) students and parents.
  • Hosting admission events (not necessarily in-home) for prospective (or admitted) students and parents.
  • Attending college fairs in your area.

Office of Advancement

Alumni Office

  • Alumni Association Board of Directors
  • Young Alumni Board of Directors
  • Black Alumni Association
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Alumni Association
  • Butler University Student Foundation (BUSF)
  • Chapter Leadership
  • Class Reunion Committees
  • Student Mentoring
  • Admissions
  • Providing the Alumni Office with the birthdays of your own children as legacies of Butler

Print Marketing

  • Butler Magazine

Office of Student Affairs

  • Commencement Volunteer Opportunity

International Student Services

  • Volunteer for the Family Dinner Program

Programs for Leadership and Service Education (P.u.L.S.E.)

  • Serve as a judge for various events (Spring Sports Spectacular, Homecoming, etc.)
  • Alumni who have any businesses (restaurants, factories, or the like) where we could either take a class, eat at their restaurant, visit for a tour, etc that they would be offering to let us do for Out and About
  • Alumni who are entertainers who are looking for a gig (singers, comedians, etc)
  • Teach a skill (cooking, crafts, sewing) as a program on campus either late night or just in the evening
  • Conduct a dinner to discuss leadership with students
  • Speak at a leadership session/retreat
  • Site visits to discuss leadership theory/philosophy, their personal path, an experiential exploration of a business, etc.

University Bands

  • Fall picnic for new band members
  • BUMB Parents "Pit-Crew"
  • Band Alumni Listerv Manager
  • Video recording and photography
  • Recruiting letters to prospective band members
  • Office and equipment assistance