Step with STEP

Looking for motivation to be your best you in the new year? “Step with STEP” to increase awareness of your daily movement level and get walking this semester!

  • Participants may elect to participate individually, with a buddy, or in teams of four
  • Pedometers will be provided for staff who do not have smart phones or watches to help track their daily steps. They can be picked up at the HRC front desk.

Click here to Register

  • Registration Dates:
    • January 17 – 31.
  • Registration is open to all Butler staff
    • Staff who have mobility issues can easily participate by using an alternative form of movement and calculating steps (see Alternative Activities Step Translation below)
  • Participants have the following registration options.
      • Non-competitively or friendly “healthy” competition with other participants
      • A preference to walk solo, with a buddy, or in a team of four (quad)
        • Please note on the form if you have teammates  or if you would like us to help match you with teammates

Participants will be asked to submit weekly reports of counted steps using the online self-reporting tool.

  • Step counting is February 1 – March 31.
  • Use this SWS Feb_Mar Tracker to track your daily steps.
  • Alternative activities may be used to walking or running. The full list of these activities and step counts for each can be found below.

Prizes will be awarded for the highest number of Steps:

  • First, Second and Third Place Individuals
  • First, Second and Third Place Buddy Pairs
  • First, Second and Third Place Quad Teams

A group lunch will also be held in April to celebrate everyone who participated in the program.

  • Watches:
    • Koretrak Pro
    • Apple Watch
    • FitBit
    • Garmin
  • Pedometers:
    • You can get a free one at the HRC front desk
    • SteppyFit
    • OnsTracker
    • TekiCount 3D Walking Step Counter
    • ExeSteps
  • Apple Fitness and/or Apple Health: Free, can upgrade with icloud
  • Fitbit
  • Argus: Free Calorie counter and step tracker

  • Runkeeper: Free, 9.99/month, 39.99/year
  • Strava: Free, 7.99/month, 59.99/year
  • Google Fit
    • Might be able to use google drive/doc/sheet for tracking with your team on this
  • Footpath: 3.99/month, 23.49/year
    • This one is cool because you can trace out where you want to walk on the map and it tells you how far that will be!
  • Walkmeter
  • StepApp
    • Super simple. Can even monitor arm pushes for wheelchair
  • Pacer: free, 29.99/year
    • Has a feature where you can join walking groups. Teams can create their own groups. 
  • Map My Walk: free
  • Excel / Google Sheets
  • ($2/ user)
  • Walker Tracker
  • (app)
  • Walking 20 minutes per mile = 2,252 steps per mile
  • Walking 15 minutes per mile = 1,935 steps per mile
  • Running 12 minutes per mile = 1,951 steps per mile
  • Running 10 minutes per mile = 1,672 steps per mile
  • Running 8 minutes per mile = 1,400 steps per mile

*from How Many Steps are in a Mile? – Wendy Bumgardner

alternative activities with step counts