Minute Meditations

Fountain on Butler's campus

Begin your minute mediation by taking some “Time to Transition.” Take a deep inhale, and a long, slow, exhale. Choose one of the following options to enjoy the nature around you:

  • Find your feet: Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Feel all four corners of your feet (inner/outer heel, big and little toes) firmly rooting to the ground as if a magnet were pulling you to the earth.
  • Breathe: Take 3 deep breaths. Count to four on your inhale, and to six as you exhale.
  • Roll your shoulders three times forward, and then backward, and on the last roll let them rest in a natural position.
  • Connect to your senses: Close your eyes and listen to the sounds that are around you. Feel the breeze and ambient temperature. Fully sense the space surrounding you. Open your eyes and take in the sights of nature around you trees, birds, plants, water, etc.
  • State an intention: Make an intention to stay present for the rest of your time outside. If your mind wanders during your walk, bring it back to your breathing and the sights and sounds around you.

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