Route 1: Activity 6 – 9

Route 1 is on rugged, non-paved trails and takes about 60 minutes to complete, but you can take as much time as you need to move through the activities. This tour requires extensive walking on unpaved trails and is best if you have a full hour.

Activity 6 – 9: Sensory Walking

Begin by looking at the ground as you walk to reduce what your eyes see. Walk with your other senses open and just notice what you pick up. Notice what you hear with your ears. Notice impressions that you pick up from the trail from things you may not be able to see.

What can you smell? Take a moment to reach out with your hands and connect physically with the trees as you walk. Allow those moments of connection to fill you with a sense of peace and interconnectedness to something bigger than yourself.

Remember that we are not a part of nature, we ARE nature.

  • Activity 6 Location: Holcomb Gardens circle drive near stone sign
  • Activity 7 Location: Start of gravel trail leading up to back side of Bell Tower
  • Activity 8 Location: Bell Tower
  • Activity 9 Location: Gravel trail that runs beside Reflection Pond toward Observatory