Route 1: Activity 2

Route 1 is on rugged, non-paved trails and takes about 60 minutes to complete, but you can take as much time as you need to move through the activities. This tour requires extensive walking on unpaved trails and is best if you have a full hour.

Activity 2: Hard Eye Soft Eye

Take a moment to find your feet under you. Feel your feet connect with the ground, digging your feet deeper into the grass or dirt beneath you. When we are under stress, the muscles behind our eyes tighten and focus. This creates tension around the skull that moves down our back and into our hips. Instead, shift your eye gaze to just in front of you and consciously release the tension in your eyes and around your eyes. Take in as much of your peripheral as you can without moving your eyes. You will notice that this simple act moves relaxation down the back of your neck and throughout your body and brings a sense of relaxation. Notice if you have a compulsion to sigh… another sign of releasing stress!

Activity 2 Location: Prairie, across from Campus Farm