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Registration and Records
Registration and Records

Codes and Abbreviations

Within the computerized student information systems, several data elements are coded with values that may be cryptic. While the system usually provides look-up capabilities, sometimes it's quicker to have a list. The codes below are the most common. Please let us know if there are others you would like to see de-mystified here.

Term Codes

4171 Fall 2017
4173 Spring 2018
4176 Summer 2018

4181 Fall 2018
4183 Spring 2019
4186 Summer 2019

4191 Fall 2019
4193 Spring 2020
4196 Summer 2020

The same patterns have been used throughout all Butler's computerized records history with the exception of summer terms.  Beginning Summer 2016, summer moved from two terms to a single term. View a full list of Term Codes

Student Classification or Level

These codes reflect the official university definition of student classification, which is based on the number of credit hours earned by the student.
10 First-year
20 Sophomore
30 Junior
40 Senior
P1 Pharmacy 5th year
P2 Pharmacy 6th year
GR Graduate student