Electronics Registration

Keep Your Valuables Safe

To help keep your personal items safe on and off campus, we encourage you to take this opportunity to pre-register electronic items of significant value. The brands, model numbers, and serial numbers will be kept on file at the University Police Department for quick access in the case of a loss or a theft. This allows the investigative process to start as quickly as possible and greatly increases our ability recover your property. 

What to Do if Your Items Come Up Missing or Stolen

If you have been the victim of a theft and your items are missing, immediately contact the University Police Department at 317-940-BUPD, option 1. A police officer will meet with you to take a police report. It is very important that you’re items be registered as they can be entered into the police report for further investigations.

How to Register

Complete the Electronics Registration online.
You may also register in person at the University Police Department, located at 525 W. Hampton Drive.
Make sure to keep a copy of the document for your records. Serial numbers are going to be the key to finding lost or stolen items.