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Butler University places a high priority on keeping its campus safe for students, employees and visitors. The university police department offers educational and awareness programs on crime prevention and emergency response for students and staff. We also continually make safety enhancements to campus grounds and develop precautionary measures that touch every aspect of campus life.

Our police patrol supervisors and police officers are appointed under the statutes of the State of Indiana with full police power and are available 24 hours a day throughout the year. They are graduates of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. The security officers assist sworn officers in patrolling the campus on foot, locking and unlocking buildings, and conducting security and safety surveys of the physical campus.

University Police Department

John Conley
Headshot of John Conley
Chief of Public Safety

Tony Rivera
Headshot of Tony Rivera
Assistant Chief of Police – Operations

Emergency Preparedness and Training

Roy Betz
Headshot of Roy Betz
Captain of Police Administration

Community Relations Officer

Matthew Grimes
Headshot of Matthew Grimes

Squad Sergeants

Shawn Barks
Headshot of Shawn Barks
Sergeant – University Police

Mark Crawn
Headshot of Mark Crawn
Sergeant – University Police

Jason Downs
Headshot of Jason Downs
Sergeant – University Police

Korey Flinn
Headshot of Korey Flinn
Sergeant – University Police

David Mosley
Headshot of David Mosley
Sergeant – University Police


Lorraine Oguz
Headshot of Lorraine Oguz
Sr. Police Officer

Jeffrey Wager
Headshot of Jeffrey Wager
Detective Lieutenant

Courtney White
Headshot of Courtney White

Patrol Officers

Scott Carter
Headshot of Scott Carter
Senior Police Officer

Jim Hoeing
Sr. Police Officer
Jason Hyneman
Headshot of Jason Hyneman
Senior Police Officer

Marty Koeller
Sr. Police Officer
Joseph Kraeszig
Headshot of Joseph Kraeszig
Sr. Police Officer

Jimmy Laws
Headshot of Jimmy Laws
Senior Police Officer

Gary Morrolf
Headshot of Gary Morrolf
Sr. Police Officer

Dennis Nike
Headshot of Dennis Nike
Sr. Police Officer

Tony Priami
Headshot of Tony Priami

Donald Randall
Headshot of Donald Randall

Shaun Russ
Headshot of Shaun Russ
Sr. Police Officer

Richard Weaver
Headshot of Richard Weaver
Sr. Police Officer

Lisa Weilhamer
Headshot of Lisa Weilhamer

Randy Wray
Headshot of Randy Wray
Sr. Police Officer

Communication Officers

Robert Cook
Headshot of Robert Cook

Wayne Morgan
Headshot of Wayne Morgan
Police Dispatcher

Kalynn Sullivan
Headshot of Kalynn Sullivan
Police Dispatcher

Communications & Records Coordinator

Jennifer Wright
Headshot of Jennifer Wright
Administrative Assistant/Communications and Records Coordinator