DMS Bridge Program Curriculum

The DMS Bridge Program incorporates 36-credit hours already completed during supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPE) from your entry-level master’s degree program. The program curriculum includes two phases—the initial seven-week didactic course portion, followed by a semester-long Capstone Project.

During the didactic course portion, the student is encouraged to not work due to the intensive, full-time nature of the program. Students must be available for synchronous and asynchronous online activities during that time.

The program’s Capstone Project is firmly grounded in biostatistics and research design and can be taken on a part-time basis. It is anticipated the typical student will complete their Capstone Project in one semester. If the Capstone Project is not completed at the end of the term, students will be required to enroll in a Capstone Continuation Course to maintain active enrollment with the program. The Capstone must be completed within one year of starting the project or unless permission is obtained by the DMS Bridge Program Director. During the semester-long Capstone Project, students may choose to work clinically.

 Supervised Clinical Practice Experience EquivalenceCredit Hours
Behavioral / Mental Health4 credit hours
Emergency Medicine4 credit hours
Adult / Internal Medicine4 credit hours
Family Medicine4 credit hours
Pediatric Medicine4 credit hours
General Surgical Care4 credit hours
Women’s Health4 credit hours
Elective Experiences8 credit hours

The previously earned SCPE  are combined with the 14 credit hour online, 700-level Bridge courses.

Didactic Courses                                                                                           Credit Hours
DMS-BR778, Issues in Clinical Practice3 credit hours
DMS-BR780, Biostatistics3 credit hours
DMS-BR782, Research Design3 credit hours
DMS-BR784, Capstone Project5 credit hours

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