Articles and Databases

In order to broaden access to information outside the library’s walls, the great majority of resources provided by Butler University Libraries are online or electronic resources linked through this site. Access to almost all our online research resources is provided through IP authentication, meaning access should be seamless and invisible when on-campus, even when bypassing the library’s website. Off-campus access needs to be routed through a sign-in process with Butler University credentials, however, so please do use specially formatted library links from this site or our LibGuides when trying to access research resources from off-campus.

We maintain an alphabetical list of subject-specific (MLA Bibliography) or multidisciplinary databases (JSTOR), as well as larger publisher-centered collections (Elsevier’s ScienceDirect). This alphabetical list of major online resources does not contain all individual online journals accessible through our subscriptions; these should be accessed through our Journals A–Z lookup.

If you need to bookmark a page or article on a library online resource, look for a “Persistent” or “Static” URL the database may offer – the address shown in your browser’s address bar will often contain session information which cannot be used to access the same page again

Many databases now offer formatted citations (MLA, APA, etc.) but double-check them against your style guide; sometimes the database platforms don’t catch up to style revisions right away

If you’re having trouble accessing a particular library online resource, our support team will investigate and resolve your issue if you enter the details in this form.

Having a problem?

Are you having trouble accessing a library online resource (database, article, e-book, or media)? Please fill out our question form to get assistance from our Electronic Resources support team.