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Digital Image Collections

Butler University Libraries work to digitize and provide access to photographs and documents housed in our Special Collections & Archives so as to make them available to scholars worldwide. 

The Eliza Blaker Collection

This collection includes photographs and speeches relating to the life and work of Eliza Blaker, as well as records of the Teachers College of Indianapolis. Blaker founded the Teachers College, which became affiliated with Butler University in 1929, and is now the College of Education. 

The Butler Collegian Archive

The student newspaper of Butler University was first published as the Collegian in 1886, and this online archive currently covers the years 1886-1892, 1936-2004  along with a few issues from 1893, 1935, and 2005. Current issues may be found at The Butler Collegian.

Butler Tree Hunt

Created thanks to Butler Innovation Grant funding, this tour of the 50+ species of trees found across Butler's campus was assembled by former student Olivia Pratt with assistance from the Friesner Herbarium in 2016.

Butler University Buildings and Grounds Collection

The Buildings and Grounds Collection includes photographs and documents of Butler University's buildings and grounds on the current campus as well as on the two former campus locations.  Additional images and documents are being added as time allows.

The Butler University Yearbook Collection

Published primarily as The Drift, but also as The Gallery and The Carillon, Butler University's yearbooks are reproduced in full in this collection. Issues from 1891-1931 have selective availability, but all issues from 1934-2013 are available. 

The Friesner Herbarium Collection

This collection currently contains more than 19,500 images of plant specimens collected across Indiana, from Butler University's Friesner Herbarium. More than 1100 species are currently covered in the collection, which began as the personal collection of Dr. Ray C. Friesner, Professor and Chair of the Botany Department from 1920-1952, but has grown through contributions of other Butler University students and faculty through the years. The collection is also available through the Indiana Memory project of the Indiana State Library. 

Indiana Bicentennial Digital Exhibit

Butler University  is pleased to find itself well represented in Indiana's 200: The People Who Shaped the Hoosier State, which was published to celebrate Indiana's bicentennial. Among the individuals selected as those who have "made enduring contributions to the state in its two-hundred-year history" are Butler students, alumni, faculty, and administrators, as well as donors who have contributed so much to the University. This exhibition highlights those individuals selected for Indiana's 200 who have close ties to Butler University and prominently represent the institution.

Irwin Library 50th Anniversary Digital Exhibit

Today, Irwin Library stands as a fixture of Butler's campus, as if it has always been here to serve our students, faculty, and staff. Meanwhile, Butler's 2020 Vision gathers steam and new projects transform our campus at blinding speed. As we approach the culmination of Butler's efforts to evolve into a modern campus, it is important to look back and see what we once were. Irwin Library, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary as our university's intellectual center, served as a symbol of modernity on our campus when it opened its doors in September of 1963. Indeed, its striking architecture, designed by Minoru Yamasaki, still inspires today, reminding us of Butler's historic drive to constantly evolve towards a bright future. 

The Irwin Library Collection

This collection, assembled for the 50th anniversary of Irwin Library in 2013, includes photographs and documents from the building's planning, construction, and dedication, as well as photographs of Butler University's earlier campuses, and photographs of Irwin Library since its dediction. The library was designed by noted architect Minoru Yamasaki, and was officially dedicated in 1965.

Jordan College of the Arts Collection

Butler University's Jordan College of the Arts Collection currently contains a selection of programs from performances which took place during the 2018-2019 academic year. Eventually, this collection will include additional documents and images. 

The Jeanette Siron Pelton Botanical Print Collection

The Pelton Botanical Print Collection contains 71 original plates from herbals, plant histories, and botanical magazines published in the 15th through 19th centuries, created by a gift of Dr. John F. Pelton and the Jeanette Siron Pelton Memorial Fund in 1969. 

The University Art Collection

The University Art Collection will eventually cover a wide variety of objects from Butler University's art collection.  Initially, though, it contains 3D digital objects created with funding from a Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI) Innovation Grant and a partnership between Butler Libraries and the Center for Academic Technology.

Chinese Art Images

This collection includes nearly 300 images of Chinese Art from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. Access is limited to current Butler University faculty, students, and staff due to purchase agreement restrictions.

Global and Historical Studies Images

This collection includes more than 1100 images of sites, art, and architecture around the world, provided by Butler University faculty. Access is limited to current faculty, students, and staff.

Japanese Art Images

This collection includes 70 images of Japanese Art from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO. Access is limited to current Butler University faculty, students, and staff due to purchase agreement restrictions.

Scholars Resource Art Images

This collection contains 800 art and architecture images purchased from Saskia, and restricted for use by Butler University students, faculty and staff for educational purposes only.