International Business

Global Perspective

Our ever-evolving global business environment demands workers with a diverse cultural understanding and the ability to communicate effectively and sensitively on behalf of others.

Our International Business program hones these skills through exposure to all aspects of global business environments. Students emerge able to identify trends in global business, and with the skills to adapt business strategies to these changes.

The International Business major incorporates both a foreign language requirement and a concentration in an area such as finance, accounting, marketing, management information systems, or economics.

What We Offer

  • By the time you graduate, you will be proficient in a foreign language of your choice
  • Customize your degree to fields of particular interest through a wide variety of elective courses
  • Complete two internships with United States and foreign-based exporters and multinational companies in other nations
  • International Business students are exposed to a wide variety of business disciplines to see how multiple business areas interrelate
  • Through exposure to all aspects of global business environments, students emerge able to identify trends in global business, and with the skills to adapt business strategies to these changes
International Business Curriculum

122 Total Credit Hours (Includes Butler University Core Requirements)

Business Core Requirements

  • MA 125/106, Math
  • EI 101, First Year Business Experience
  • MS 100, Business Applications w/Excel
  • ORG 215, Speech for Business
  • AC 203, Introduction to Accounting
  • EI 201, Real Business Experience I
  • EC 231, Principles of Microeconomics
  • LE 263, Legal Environment of Business
  • MS 264, Business Statistics
  • LE 264, Business Ethics
  • MS 265, Information Technology
  • AC 204, Introduction Accounting II
  • EC 232, Principles of Macroeconomics
  • FN 340, Corporate Finance
  • MK 380, Introduction of Marketing
  • MS 350, Operations Management
  • MG 360, Organizational Behavior
  • LE 365, Business Law I
  • MS 365, Information Technology II
  • MG 490, Strategy Capstone

University Electives (9 hours)

LAS Electives (6 hours)

Career Development Requirements

  • LSB 101, Professional & Career Development 1
  • LSB 102, Professional & Career Development 2
  • LSB 201, Professional & Career Development 3
  • LSB 202, Professional & Career Development 4
  • LSB 301, Professional & Career Development 5
  • LSB 302, Professional & Career Development 6
  • LSB 401, Internship I
  • LSB 402, Internship II

Major Courses

  • IB 320, International Business
  • IB 451 or IB 491, International Finance or Marketing
  • IB 490, International Strategy Capstone
  • IB Electives (6 hours)
  • Foreign Language (6 hours)

University Core Requirements

  • FYS 101/102, First Year Seminar
  • GHS (6 hours) Global & Historical Studies
  • PCA Perspective in Creative Arts
  • PWB Physical Well Being
  • NW Natural World
  • TI Texts & Ideas


International Business majors are prepared for a variety of careers in an increasingly international business environment. Graduates have held positions such as global marketing coordinator, procurement analyst, and risk assurance associate at companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Rolls-Royce.