• Full-time enrollment status (minimum 12 hours per semester) as a music degree candidate is required.
  • Performance requirements as specified below must be fulfilled each semester.
  • A G.P.A. of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale within the major and the minimum requirement of a 2.0 cumulative G.P.A. must be maintained while in attendance for at least 12 hours per semester. A student must also continue to make satisfactory progress toward a declared major in music.
  • In the event a student leaves the university for personal reasons for a period of time no longer than an academic year, the student must request a leave of absence to reserve the Audition Award through the Office of Financial Aid.
  • In addition to the above criteria, an annual scholarship review includes an evaluation of student attitude, dedication, and cooperation during the previous academic year.
  • For information regarding the use of the Audition Award for study abroad, the student should refer to the University Bulletin, as well as the Financial Aid Office.
  1. Participation in Major Ensembles: All students receiving Music Audition Awards must perform in a major ensemble (appropriate for the instrument/voice for which they received their scholarship) every semester they are on campus. Ensemble requirements for piano and guitar majors are determined by the Coordinator of the Piano Area in consultation with the School of Music Chair and the ensemble directors.
  2. Applied Music Requirements (in effect Fall, 2013): Recipients of Music Audition Awards are required to enroll in applied lessons at the major level for each semester in which they are receiving a Music Audition Award. The enrollment must be for credit with “ABC” grading. This requirement will in some instances supersede the student’s curricular requirement and is meant to ensure the student’s continued proficiency in his/her applied area. Students who are pursuing a Jazz Studies major or emphasis may substitute AM 293/493, Applied Jazz Studies, as long as their jazz lessons are taken on the instrument/voice for which they received their scholarship.
  3. Exceptions: Any exceptions to the above policies must be approved by the School of Music Chair, the applied teacher, and the appropriate ensemble director.

A student may only “major” in one instrument; he/she may continue to study a second instrument and participate in ensembles on the second instrument as time permits. If a student chooses to audition on more than one instrument, the scholarship letter will clarify very specifically for which instrument the student is receiving the scholarship. If the student chooses to switch their major instrument/voice, they must be accepted as a major by the area faculty, re-auditioning if more than one semester has passed since the initial audition. In order to retain their music scholarship, the student must continue to study at the major level and participate in the appropriate major ensemble on the instrument/voice for which they received the scholarship. Exceptions must be approved by the Chair of the School of Music.

Over the years, many individuals have recognized the need for financial assistance to students with ability and a sincere desire to pursue a liberal education. These donors, many of whom are Butler alumni, have established annual or endowed scholarships and awards to benefit Butler students.

*The following is a list of the current scholarships. Most are used to underwrite Butler University financial aid programs and cannot be applied for directly unless otherwise indicated.  

  • Sigma Alpha Iota Awards
    • William and Helen Speicher Award
    • Gloria McDaniel Performance Scholarship
    • Starost-Speicher Memorial Award
    • SAI Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter Award
    • Anne Starost Memorial Scholarship (Women’s Department Club)
  • Manuzzi Family Music Education Scholarship
  • Francis Fitzgerald Flutist Scholarship
  • Gigax Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Rosemary Lang Honor Award
  • Mildred Allen Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Spencer Fox Memorial Scholarship
  • Jeanice Gartin Memorial Scholarship
  • Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society Performance Scholarships (Audition-Based Awards)
  • Maurice and Rosalind Pickett Scholarship
  • Donald Pike Scholarship
  • Janet Pike Scholarship
  • Mary Francis Roush Award
  • Martin Marks Music Scholarship
  • Paul Duckwall Scholarship
  • Charles Geyer Music Scholarship
  • Mary Pearl Scholarship
  • Rector-Magruder Scholarship
  • Mulholland Choral Scholarship
  • Jackson Wiley Award

All School of Music students are eligible to apply for “Teaching Fellow” positions with the Butler Community Arts School (BCAS). BCAS is an arts education and outreach program that provides instruction in the performing arts to young people in the greater Indianapolis community. Instruction is provided by carefully selected JCA students; faculty offer mentoring, guidance, and administrative support. BCAS has the dual mission of providing quality arts instruction at an affordable price while also providing community involvement and diverse teaching experiences for JCA students.

BCAS works with fifteen community partners to offer private lessons and group classes at various community sites, as well as on campus in Lilly Hall. During the summer, BCAS offers thirteen camps as well as summer lessons. BCAS teaching positions are available to undergraduate and graduate students, and are paid positions.

If interested, an interview is the first step. Please contact the BCAS director, Karen Thickstun, to set up an interview. Stop by Lilly Hall 267 or email BCAS@butler.edu.