The creative practice of visual arts with the discipline of design.

In a fast-paced world of ever-changing creative needs, we prepare students for an adaptable career, equipped with the creative, communication, and critical thinking skills it takes to pursue multiple career options post-graduation.

Art thrives here.

In Butler’s Art Department, we challenge students to identify, refine, and capitalize on their individual creative strengths. Our faculty inspire artistic and intellectual growth through a flexible yet rigorous academic path that emphasizes both knowledge and creativity. 

We help students customize their education with the right mix of information, skills, experience, and opportunities. Students form strong, personalized foundations to prepare them for multiple career choices and lifelong success.

Student-to-faculty ratio
of 2020 graduates were employed or attending graduate school within one year of graduation.
3 Years
The Art + Design major can be completed in just three years.

About the Art Department

The Art Department educates artists/designers from all backgrounds to develop creative, critical thinking, and communication skills that allow the pursuit of many diverse career paths.

Our program capitalizes on individual creative strengths while emphasizing digital, traditional, and sustainable processes. Various learning objectives within the Art Department include: 

lined up paint tubes


Students demonstrate innovative thinking and sophistication in terms of the social, visual, psychological, and/or aesthetic components of Art and Design.

student painting a canvas


Students will demonstrate an understanding of a variety of Art and Design methods, materials, techniques, and technologies.

art history class

Contextual Understanding

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the intellectual underpinning of Art and Design in terms of history, process, and theory.

painting canvases

Portfolio Development and Technology

Students will demonstrate professional growth in review of portfolio, internships, and/or exhibition. Students will also utilize a variety of technology in art classes including Adobe Creative Suite, Google Sketchup, MakerBot Digitizer, Nikon DSLRs, Dry Mount Press, Mat Cutters, and more.