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Lilly Hall
Jordan College of the Arts

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By Telephone

Butler University


Office of Admission


Office of Financial Aid


Jordan College of the Arts Admission

800-368-6852 x9656

Jordan College of the Arts FAX


By Mail

Jordan College of the Arts
4600 Sunset Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Jordan College of the Arts Administration

Office of the Dean
Dean Lisa Brooks 317-940-8652
Associate Dean Wendy Meaden 317-940-9961
Administrative Secretary to the Dean Maren Urness 317-940-9653
Secretary/Receptionist Janice Thornburgh 317-940-9231
Facilities and Events Manager Courtney Hardy, Jr.


School of Music
Chair Douglas Spaniol 317-940-9988
Assistant Chair David Murray 317-940-9064
Administrative Secretary Vonna Knapp 317-940-9996
Secretary/Receptionist Joy Rogers 317-940-9246
Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator Courtney Trachsel 317-940-9065
Department of Dance
Chair Larry Attaway 317-940-9346
Departmental Secretary Marie Gray 317-940-9346
Department of Theatre
Chair Diane Timmerman 317-940-9875
Departmental Secretary LaKisha Cooper 317-940-9659
Department of Arts Administration
Chair Susan Zurbuchen 317-940-9463
Departmental Secretary Amy Aldridge 317-940-9567
Community Partnership Coordinator Jaclyn Head 317-940-9556
Department of Art + Design
Chair Gautam Rao 317-940-5985
Departmental Secretary Amy Aldridge 317-940-9567