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Honors Program

University Honors Program Mission Statement and Learning Objectives

Mission Statement

The University Honors Program strives to engage students in interdisciplinary academics to develop their innate sense of curiosity and empower them to expand their intellectual endeavors beyond the classroom by engaging in discussion, conversation, and research. We provide unique learning opportunities, contribute to a culture of undergraduate research and intellectual inquiry, and foster a sense of scholarly community that helps create lifetime learners.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives of the Program: Having consulted both Butler University’s list of student learning outcomes, as well as NCHC partner institutions that utilize honors program or college-wide SLOs, the following objectives have been adopted for the University Honors Program:

  1. Interdisciplinary—students will encounter, articulate and apply concepts, tools, and methodologies from multiple disciplines critically in UHP courses.
  2. Communication—students will be able to express ideas and arguments clearly and precisely in multiple formats, including written and oral presentations of their work.
  3. Research—students will execute a quality research project, using appropriate disciplinary and academic skills, which will result in a thesis.
  4. Community Engagement-- students will engage in activities that promote engagement with the program, wider university, civic, and globally through a variety of activities.