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Honors Program

You have to be “brainy” to take honors, right? That's partly right, but not the whole story.

You also need an interest in thinking for yourself. In hands-on learning, research, and creative activities. In joining other students and faculty in discussions, projects, field trips, and cultural experiences. And, in earning a diploma with magna or summa cum laude honors. Both future and current students may apply.

Some 5-to-10 percent of Butler’s students participate in the Honors Program. You may qualify for the program based on your previous class ranking, GPA, or SAT/ACT test scores. Contact the Engaged Learning Center to find out more.

Honors Community Events

To enhance your Honors experience outside the classroom, we offer a variety of Honors Cultural Events. These might include lectures, presentations by fellow Honors students, or even social events.

Graduating with Honors

Butler University awards three levels of general university honors and three levels of departmental honors.