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A view of Jordan Hall and the surrounding trees
About Butler

Experiential Learning

At Butler, we believe experiencing is foundational to learning. So you’ll be applying what you learn right away—in class and out. You'll be a more adaptive thinker. An expert problem solver. And, in four years, a candidate with more marketable skills than the competition.

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Delta FaucetAt Butler, you can start building a professional network and gain resume-building experience and skills well before graduation. In fact, more than 75 percent of students complete one or more internship during their time here. And business students do two. Living in the country’s 17th largest city has definite advantages when it comes to finding an internship. Indianapolis is home to many large and small companies in all sorts of industries, including big players like Eli Lilly, Salesforce, Roche, and Anthem.


Internship Stories 

Service Learning

Service LearningWe believe that we have a responsibility to use our talents to improve our world and the lives of others, so you’ll see many ways to get involved through volunteer activities, or more formal service-learning projects. Even though you’ll be helping others, you’ll be surprised how much you get out of it as well. Every Butler student completes an Indianapolis Community Requirement course, where they can experience meaningful engagements with the Indianapolis community such as teaching English to Spanish-speaking second graders, creating art with the elderly, and much more.


Service-Learning Stories

Undergraduate Research

Undergrad ResearchAt Butler, you can work directly with a faculty member as part of a small team and conduct research. Not just standard off-the-shelf studies, either. This is primary research on topics you’re actually interested in—the kind of big projects usually reserved for grad students at other schools. The topics Butler students research are diverse, from learning about how hearing impairments in babies impact interactions with their parents, to how American ideals of heroism and patriotism are reflected through the superhero genre, to how feminist ideals are portrayed in the media. This is work that gets published and has real-life applications. With the support of faculty, you’ll be able to create and conduct your own research projects from start to finish.

Undergraduate Research Stories

Study Abroad

Great Wall of ChinaBy traveling outside of Indianapolis to study, you’ll have a chance to learn in a whole new way and gain an entirely new perspective. From working fulltime for six weeks in Shanghai to completing a leadership program in London, there are over 200 study abroad and exchange programs in more than 60 countries to choose from. If you'd like to experience multiple locations, you can join our Global Adventures in the Liberal Arts program and take classes in several locations abroad during the same semester while traveling with one of our esteemed faculty. Or, spend a semester working and studying in Washington, DC or New York City.


Study Abroad Stories